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News Update: Standard Edition now sold out! Superior Edition - just a few copies left. First come, first served. For further information or to order please use the enquiry page. Superior Edition half-bound leather £210.00 plus UK P&P £13.99 - next day Royal Mail Special Delivery.

HOOKED on FLOATS - antique and vintage fishing floats from 1860 to 1960 - a collector's companion, by Jeff Della Mura

The aim of this book is to celebrate the fishing float and explore much of who made what, where, when and why. We will look into what shaped 100 years of angling’s most humble artifact and meet with some of the best known, most outstanding and most intriguing examples.

If you are enchanted by old fishing tackle; if you appreciate nostalgia; if you ever caught a fish using a float; if you are a collector, an investor, a light browser or a deep reader - or simply a curious float fan, then this book is most definitely one for you.

The verdict, from people who know what they are talking about:

"Arguably the most definitive celebration of float history." The Angling Times

"An exceptional book" Matt Sparkes, Anglers Mail

"Hooked on Floats is an encyclopedia as well as a bible of float fishing." Chris Yates

“I learned something new on just about every page. One of the finest tackle books I've seen in the past decade.” Dr Todd Larson

"The book arrived in the mail on Tuesday afternoon and I just couldn't put it down. I finished the book early this morning with a cup of coffee at 5.30am, which got very cold as I got lost in the pages. Jeff has provided me with a remarkable history lesson although there are some unsolved mysteries, my knowledge of the float is much clearer now than I could have ever imagined. My wife is now concerned that my passion for this little thing may turn into "I have to have one of those and one of these". She is always right!" Mark Beaul, Canada

"I received the book in excellent condition. I am reading through it with great pleasure and learning a lot. The quality of the publication is first rate. Never would I have expected such a history. Interestingly, from the beginning of the book I was "hooked"." Robert Nelson, USA

“I couldn’t fault it – it’s bloody excellent!” Roger Still

"The book is absolutely stunning in every detail... you WILL NOT be disappointed." George Lockhart

"It's a stunning tome - a real labour of love. I'm also very impressed by the price given the amount of effort that must have been involved." Dominic Gregory

"Sets a new high for angling book presentation." Glenn Anderson

"Excellent from cover to cover - well researched, well laid out and written to hold one's interest." Neil Freeman, Angling Auctions

“… I can’t put it down!” Tony Pitt-Stanley

"One of the truly fine books on fishing and tackle history." Todd Larson

"Good work, just the right tone." Keith Elliott

"First of all I want to congratulate you for this fabulous creation. A truly beautiful book. The insertions were a joy to behold and a very welcome surprise." Timothy Payne

“... the most obsessive float collector in England Keith Arthur

"A long awaited, much needed, fresh look on the history as well as the art of the float makers' craft. Simply stunning!" Paul Cook

"It’s iconic." David Petty

“Anyone with even a passing interest in tackle collecting and fishing history should own a copy”. Whitefish Press

"It's like a Victorian encyclopedia that's been rammed through a Pop-filter." John Andrews

"I am absolutely smitten with my "Hooked on Floats". I am rationing myself on how much I take it down and dig into it. I think I'll be digging for years to come. A wonderful addition to my collection." Dick Masters

“Got the book yesterday and devoured it. INCREDIBLE JOB!” Dr Todd Larson

"Jeff Della Mura has done a remarkable job researching the origins, innovations and marketing of the humble float. With its exceptionally high standard of photography, over 400 pages, Hooked on Floats deserves pride of place on every collector's bookshelf." Chris Sandford, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying

"Just looking through the book helps you understand why floats, more than anything else, 'catch' more anglers than fish." Improve your Coarse Fishing

"It is truly a gem and we are so happy to add it to our collection where it will be presented for future generations of anglers."BariAnn Lotts, Library Coordinator, IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, USA

"You think fifty quid is over the top? I swear it is not - for some books, yes, but not for this one." Andrew Herd, Waterlog

"... get in quick. This is a book you'll enjoy..." Classic Angling Magazine

  • To order please use the enquiry page.
  • Standard Edition hardcover price £50.00 plus P&P. SOLD OUT 
  • Superior Edition half-bound leather £210.00 plus P&P.
  • UK P&P £13.99 - next day Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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