Syracuse Day 2

waffles and berries

Day two in Syracuse was no less exciting as our first day. Today we decided that we would start our day by viewing some of the local art in Syracuse with a visit to the Everson Museum of Art where they house mostly American Art. The museum was full of interesting graphics, paintings, ceramics, and drawings. It managed to hold our attention the entire time, as they had some permanent exhibits like Photography and Works on Paper. It has over 400 photographs and about 600 Works on Paper. We also enjoyed some of their current exhibits, which included The Everson at 50. This was interesting because it commemorates the 50th anniversary when the architect of the Everson Museum designed it. It highlights how the design of the museum compliments the pieces of art that are housed within it. This was just one of the many current exhibits that we were able to view at the museum. Our visit certainly left something to the imagination.

Since it eventually warmed up outside, we decided today would be a good day to spend some time outdoors, so we decided to visit the Green Lakes State Park. If you have a family that enjoys spending time outdoors, I would highly recommend that you visit at least one of the State parks in Syracuse. Green Lakes State Park is one of the greenest lakes in the U.S. We were told that the color remained green because of the step gorge walls around the water, very little wind, and the bacteria that create a purple glow. It is said to look very different from the brown water in the Finger Lakes located in the area. On our way, stopped by a local market to purchase some food to take with us for lunch. After lunch, we agreed on renting bikes to explore the nature trails, spent time on the lake in paddle boats and got in a couple of rounds of golf. Finally, we finished our day with a swim in the lake, as they also have designated swimming areas. It is a guarded swimming beach so we had no reservations about swimming there. Visitors to the park can also rent rowboats, explore the nature center, barbecue, go fishing, and even camp out at Green Lakes State Park.

Later that evening, we decided that we wanted some local grub so we visited a local diner recommended by the hotel. Once again, we needed to go somewhere that offered a variety of food at reasonable rates. We arrived at a small restaurant about a 10 minute drive from our hotel, not sure what to expect as we approached and the clever name Just 1 Bite had us wondering if we would still be hungry when leaving. To our delight, the food was amazing, the portions were very large and the owners treated us like family. Sam ordered the hot turkey sandwich based on a recommendation from the owner Adam, it was not your typical deli meat hot turkey. Instead they had large chunks of real turkey. I decided to have the waffles and berries specials, it was very fresh and delicious. 5 stars all the way, recommend anyone visiting Syracuse to try this place.

waffles and berries hot turkey sandwich - just one bite syracuse