Good Bye Syracuse

We prayed that the good weather would last at least through our last day in Syracuse and our prayers were answered. Our last day was beautiful. This meant that we could make the 2.5-hour drive to Niagara Falls. In order to enjoy a long and productive day, we set out early for Niagara Falls. While it wasn’t warm enough to take the actual tour of the Falls, we were surprised to find that they now have an interactive exhibit at the World Changed Here Pavilion that explains how the Falls played such an important role in the history of Niagara Falls. It is not only a chance to see the massive falls but to learn about how they came into existence and how the Falls are ran and preserved. So whether your visiting Niagara Falls in the Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, you’ll still be able to thoroughly enjoy it, as they have thought of every way imaginable for you to do so. If the weather permits and you can brave the cold, there’s still plenty to see and enjoy at The Falls.

We would hate to drive all this way and not be able to see the falls like they way it was meant to be seen; so we visited the Niagara Adventure Theater. The film brings the reality of the falls to the big screen so that you’ll feel as though you’re actually experiencing it up close. Visitors are given the same type of perspective about the falls that they would receive if they were actually in one of the boats viewing them with a guide. The entire experience only takes 30 minutes from beginning to end. After visiting Niagara Falls, we still had time left to enjoy our final evening in Syracuse.

Our trip to Syracuse ended back where we started at Destiny USA where we were able to shop and do some last minute souvenir shopping. This was also a great time for us to pick up something to eat since there was something for everyone at the Mall. After we met up again, we wanted a little adventure so we visited The Mystery Room where we turned into detectives for 50-minutes while we followed clues and solved puzzles in order to get out of the Mystery Room. There are a variety of rooms to escape from, such as Zombie Apocalypse, Hollywood Premiere, and Escape from Alcatraz. Some of the rooms are easier to escape than others. Visitors can pay for as many escape room’s as they would like. If you are up for the challenge, it could be a lot of fun to explore the different rooms to see if you’re as good of a detective as you always imagined you were. Since we had such a full day already, we decided that one room would be enough for us. Despite our already long day, we topped it off with dinner and games at Dave & Busters. By the time we left Syracuse, NY it felt more like a weeklong adventure rather than just a mere 3-days.